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Байнгын хэрэглэгч

Oil Filter Type blank

blankFull Flow Type
Oil Filtering Method
Product Example
Oil Flow Method All the oil sent from the oil pump is filtered and then fed by pressure to the engine`s main body.
Features Requires a small installation space since the filter is used alone in most cases.
Currently, most widely used for gasoline-powered vehicles.
Uses an appropriate filter element that enables maintenance of the oil pressure required for the engine and effective filtering of particles that may wear the engine.

blankCombined Type
(full-flow/bypass combined type)
Oil Filtering Method
Product Example
Oil Flow Method The oil fed by pressure from the oil pump is split into a full flow filter and a bypass filter (the filters are provided in their own separate cases). The oil passing through the full flow filter is fed by pressure to the engine`s main body, while the oil passing through the bypass filter is returned to the oil pan.
Features This filter type is widely used for diesel-powered vehicles.
The bypass filter is used to eliminate carbon dirt and particles that cannot be caught by the full flow filter. For this, pores on the filter element are made smaller. As a result, resistance of oil pressure in the bypass filter is higher compared to that in the full flow filter, taking more filtering time.

blankCombined Type
(Integrated Type)
Oil Filtering Method
Product Example
Oil Flow Method Unlike the full-flow/bypass combined type, the oil from the oil pump is not split. All the oil from the oil pump is sent to a filter unit, where it passes through the full flow and bypass elements provided inside the unit. After being filtered, the oil flows in the same way as the full-flow/bypass combined type.
Features Increasingly used for diesel-powered vehicles since this type requires a smaller space than the full-flow/bypass combined type. However, the internal structure is more complicated. Employs a special structure that provides internal oil pressure difference to allow both the full flow and bypass elements to maintain their specified filtering ratio.

blankAir Filter Clogging blank

Clogging of the air filter decreases fuel consumption efficiency.
Replace the air filter periodically to gain the best engine performance.
After driving 5,000 km After driving 10,000 km After driving 20,000 km

blankAir Filter Type blank

blankViscous Type
Features Dust adhering to the filter element surface absorbs oil, forming filter layers consisting of porous dust layers.
Eliminates the need for cleaning.
Suitable for paved roads since this type absorbs oil carbon dust well.

Product examples

blankDry Type
Features Absorbs dust inside as well as on the filter element surface.
Suitable for non-paved earthy or muddy roads since this type absorbs sandy dust well.

Product examples

blankCyclone Type
Features Collects dust into a dust pan by circulating the intake air using blades to separate it by centrifugation.
Provides a longer service life than the other types.
Widely used for large vehicles and construction vehicles.

Product examples

Failing to drain water will result in engine problems due to collection of water in the filter! blank
Diesel-powered vehicles require periodic replacement of filter or water drainage since water has an adverse affect on the engine. If you fail to do so, the following symptoms may occur due to a variety of inter-connected reasons.
Fuel Filter Type blank

blankFor gasoline-powered vehicles
Product examples

blankFor diesel-powered vehicles
Product examples

Keep your car interior clean. blank
Change every 2 years or 20,000 km.
Results may vary depending on product type.
Clean filter highlights blank
Attaches to the front unit of your car's air conditioner. Removes dust, pollen, and airborne particulates from environmental air in the car. Clean filter also keeps the air inside the car clean and fresh.
In areas with high levels of airborne particulates or polluted air, it is recommended to change the filter in early winter or early spring. In addition, Clean filter can help maintain your car's air conditioner.
High-efficient filter blank
Comparison between Clean filter and competitors' products
(fig. 1) Deodorizing efficiency varies depending on the product. Deodorizing efficiency is 1pass data Effective for tobacco odor (acetaldehyde, acetic acid, ammonia) and exhaust gas (toluene, carbon dioxide).
(fig. 2) Data for airborne particulates removal efficiency taken at fan speed of 1.4 m/sec (equal to 3.3 m3/min) and effectively removed particles .3-.5 micron. Effectively removed over 99% of pollen 10-100 microns.
(fig. 3) Data taken at fan speed equal to 3.14 m3/min; Company A-106 Pa, Clean filter-95 Pa, Company B-125 Pa. Decreased pressure loss alleviates the load on the air-conditioner fan, increases air volume, and lowers noise levels.

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